About us

There’s a lot of genre-bating in music,maybe it’s that part of the man brain that wants to put the right size screw in its special drawer.
Well Nunchucker will tell you can just fuck that whole thing off.Influences?steal from anywhere,steal from the best-and make it yours.

It’s the whole Rock and nothing but the rock,no lubricants,no water to wash it down with…dry mouth? tough you are about to eat rock.
Nunchucker is riff based Rock n Roll that draws on anything that will serve the song-it’s about melodic solos (not a who’s fastest gym workout) real chords not some fancy stretchy thing with extra fingers,dirty grimy sleazy backstairs fucking riffs and crafted songs that will ear-worm into your brain.

Latest news

We have a new monthly club night !!!

    We are hosting 2 monthly nights of maximum rock n’ roll at the Unicorn Camden and the Fighting Cocks Kingston on Thames.We aim to bring you the best bands across the Rock/Punk/Metal genres its a night for the bands and the fans taking rock nights back to the beginning and building it up.

Maximum Volume Music review

          A decade in the making, London based duo want you to swallow their rock 2006 seems like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? In England had a Labour Government, a decent welfare state and further afield Donald Trump was just a clown with a wig and lots of business interests. To […]

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